10 December 2019: 1st SEU International Conference in Ghent

SEU International Conference Ghent

"The City and University together - building sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships" is the theme of the first International SEU Conference taking place in Ghent (Belgium) on 10th December 2019.

After one year from its launch, the SEU project opens to an international audience to involve the participants in the debate of how we create socially engaged universities: throughout the year, the five SEU partners (University of Exeter; Ghent University; Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg; THUAS – Delft; University of Parma) have worked together to collect and present some of the best cases in their home countries (UK, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy) as regards the compelling relationship between academia and diverse communities. 

The grand societal challenges (e.g. sustainability, diversity, equality) demand that universities redefine themselves, develop new identities and explore new ways to connect with society, and vice-versa get society involved in universities.

The conference, at its first edition, aims to engage participants from universities, public institutions and other stakeholders to meet and focus on different models of community or civic university partnerships, as well as on an in-depth exploration of socially engaged innovations, in order to present available innovative solutions and active research projects, together with novel ideas for new project proposals.

Conference programme

Participation to the conference is free of charge.


The SEU Project is funded with the support of the European Union's ERASMUS+ Programme. All views expressed are those of the authors and not of the European Commission.