SEU Partner Meeting Magdeburg - 15th May 2020 ONLINE

The third SEU Partner Meeting took place on 15th May 2020, virtually hosted by Magdeburg. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting had to be organised online. Nevertheless, it was an interesting occasion for all partners to exchange ideas and best practice.

The first part was focused on Pilot Project updates. Each partner gave a short presentation or video update on their pilot project, followed by a brief Q&A session. Each partner described how their project has changed in the light of Covid-19.

Parma: Mountains of quality: creating and supporting a network of producers in the Parma Province   

Ghent: Youth in Keizerspak: formalising the process of cooperation and co-creation between all stakeholders 

THUAS- Delft: Improving co-operation between the knowledge institutes and municipality issues by connecting different courses with issues such as the migrant elderly

Exeter: Tidelines: Creating a Community Environmental Hub which helps identify and respond to research questions which emerge from communities who live and work on the Exe Estuary

Magdeburg: Exploring Magdeburg’s Cultural life: linking cultural engineering students and the department of culture and the bidding agency, to support the application process to become City of Culture 2025

The discussion then centred on Third Mission aspects, and was animated by two speakers:

- Hendrik Weiner: Head of the in:takt Project (interviewed by Tim Flugge - University of Magdeburg)

- Nora Pleßke: Anglophone cultural and literary studies; Cultural Engineering programme management + coordination, University of Magdeburg

The last part of the meeting was dedicated to the development of the content of the CUP toolkit       


Next to Delft!

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